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100% natural rubber & jute yoga mats

made in the UK since 2003

ecoYoga ltd wholesale their mats to shops & studios worldwide. Find your nearest stockist or contact ecoYoga directly for Special offers & occasional in-house stock.

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The ever increasing popularity of Yoga reflects the awareness of individuals to protect and promote health and well-being of body, mind and soul. If Yoga is the transformation of this inner environment it seems a natural progression that our awareness, our consciousness, be extended to the external world.

Every ecoYoga mat is created with care, respect and thoughtfulness for the environment, the manufacturers and to you the Yoga student.

May the ecoYoga mat serve your practice

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Mission Statement

ecoYoga Ltd is a vehicle for transformation; deepening a belief that yoga encourages an earthly connection with the core of the body uniting it with the nuances of the mind.


Endeavour is service to the yoga community and to the environment.


Growth is in refining this practical and beautiful mat, maintaining sustainable materials with little compromise, to participate with you, the consumer, in the evolution of business . . .


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