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Yoga Mats simple unique design
                          made in the UK since 2003


The process of application used to create the ecoYoga jute mats allows for the characteristic nature of the jute material to be expressed fully whilst being encased in our unique 100% natural rubber compound that provides the great GRIP


  • 4mm & 2mm - standard & lighterweight
  • 6ft & 7ft length mats
  • Sustainable/ plant-based materials
  • 100% natural rubber (contains latex)
  • Machine washable (though shower better:)
  • Biodegradable
  • Excellent Grip / Non-slip
  • Practical
  • Ethical
  • For beginners and experienced students alike
  • WORLDWIDE delivery


Whilst ecoYoga supplies mainly to shops, teachers & studios, the ecoYoga HQ in Scotland will, from time to time, hold a little stock. These will be available here on the website {scroll down} to pay via the Paypal Buy Now .. .. though should you feel so inclined, or old fashioned, you can call and speak to Seona to make purchase


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lavender, coral, colourfree, green, grey of the ecoYoga yoga mats










purple ecoyoga mat close of jute texture





red pink yoga mat

coral red mat with beetroot and carrot juice

Coral Red mat beside

beetroot & carrot juice

for colour appreciation :)



pigment free yoga mat







green eco mat jute





grey yoga mat

grey eco mat with jute and rubber










grey phoenix ecoYoga mat




grey phoenix durable eco mat

ecoYoga Jute mat 4mm


Standard mats: 183cm x 63cm x 4mm (72" x 25" x just over 1/8")

Weight:  2kg (4.19lbs)
Colours:  Colourfree - Deep Lavender - Green - Grey - Coral

RRP  £42


The 4mm mat is the most popular selling of the ecoYoga jute mats. Pure rubber underside to grip the floor and fabric/rubber mix on top. The fabric gives a durable, tactile and pleasantly natural surface to work on whilst providing that GRIP so sought after :)

The eco yoga jute mat combines a cloth surface and sticky mat in one and is ideal for all Yogis and Yoginis.

Quite unintentionally such a design has set a trend in the eco mat market !! Who'd have thought ?!


The hessian/jute fabric is specially selected for the ecoYoga mat. The process of application we use allows for the full characteristic nature of this jute material to be expressed; encased in our unique 100% natural rubber blend. Excellent for any style of yoga practice.


Available around the globe in studios and shops that integrate the awareness and integrity that a yoga practice invites you to cultivate



Supplied wholesale & bulk to shops, studios & teachers


Prices below for ONE MAT - delivery included




Deep Lavender ecoYoga mat


DEEP LAVENDER mat : select delivery destination









Coral Red ecoYoga mat


CORAL RED mat - select delivery destination
















Colourfree ecoYoga mat

- so called as no pigment is added to the rubber -


COLOURFREE mat - select delivery destination







Green ecoYoga mat


- out of stock -












For full selection please source your mat from a STOCKIST















'Need a little extra ? . . .

ecoYoga jute mat - XL 7ft / 84"

XL mats: 215cm x 63cm x 4mm 84" x 25 x 1/8")
Weight:  2.4kg ( 5.5lbs)



4mm XL ecoYoga jute mat









PHOENIX Grey ecoYoga mat 6ft

-- DELUXE -- Limited edition --


Amazing Grey mats made using a slightly denser application of the 100% natural rubber. These mats have GREATER durability against friction, scuffs and crumbling

Weight: 2.4kgs

Price: £44 + delivery


SOLD OUT but for a few rare beautiful quirky ones, too great to call seconds really but will do so for ease .. .. ..

Quirky seconds: £27 + delivery

FAB PHOENIX factory second


keep scrolling for more factory seconds .. .. ..




- QUESTIONS - DOUBTS - CONFUSION - COLOUR CHOICE - world wide deliveries - SALES -

PLEASE CONTACT or call: +44(0) 131 220 0999




white natural lightweight eco mat



ecoYoga jute mat - lighterweight 6ft


Size :  183cm x 64cm x 2mm

Weight :  1.3kgs (3lbs)

Colour : Colourfree & Grey -- Available end of Jan/early Feb 2016 --

Price : £28


  • the same construct as the 4mm mats
  • the same GREAT GRIP
  • firm foundation for standing asana
  • enough support for all round practice
  • excellent for use on carpet
  • easy to carry
  • great for travel - for holiday or retreat
  • perfect for placing on top of class mats
  • a trusty companion - home & away
  • simply ideal in every way
  • ecoYoga's favourite (: apart from the phoenix factory seconds:)




.. .. .. Colourfree in the new year.. .. ..






natural eco mat


coral texture



If you have a COLOUR PREFERENCE you can leave a during purchase in box "Message For Merchant"

or email:





Deep Lavender



The much sought after

idiosyncratic & Fabulous - Factory Seconds

.. .. .. your ultimate bargain


4mm mats £26 + delivery


Quality Control of the ecoYoga mats requires a high level of discretion. Over and above this QC, ecoYoga personally inspect every mat quarantined as a second.


Manufacture specification for the ecoYoga material is strict. The raw materials however can be unpredictable: a consequence of being as natural as i can let them be !

In regular factory production scenarios this material would be thrown out due to it's lack of continuity. However it is very much this lack of continuity that ecoYoga find beauty .. .. .. with practical discretion of course !

The factory are truly bewlidered that so much time is given to sorting through material regarded as "substandard". For ecoYoga it is about not wanting to waste anything unnecessarily but also an opportunity to provide their mats a little cheaper for those that would like but at full price are a little costly.


Factory Seconds is a term that does not do these mats justice.

Characteristics are patches of exposed jute (not too much and not too little) or a loop or glitch in the hessian. The performance of the mat is not compromised




4mm fabulous factory second





BOX of 9 x 4mm factory second mats


If you would like a box sent outside of UK please contact for prices






natural mineral pigment yoga mat

ecoYoga jute mat iron-oxide natural mineral pigment


AN ALCHEMICAL TRIAL USING NATURAL PIGMENT - Lightweight Grey - iron oxide - 6ft x 63cm x 2mm




These mats are beautiful and ever more natural. More natural indeed but more suscetible to scuffing & flaking for the quantity of mineral pigment required to give any depth of colour to the 100% natural rubber was, is and could only be 9 times more than usual. This has acted as a dilutant to the rubber density and, like many things natural, it easily marks.

To be natural, a mineral pigment it had to be. An ocean of vegetable dye would have been needed and still would not have given any depth of colour.

The look and feel of these mats is the very very same as all the other ecoYoga jute mats.


" Having used daily over the past few weeks my tracks are visible as light scuffs. I know this would disconcert some people as they appear straight away but for me, who knows the mats and my practice, i am confident i can continue to use for a long time more"

seona robinson - ecoYoga -




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